Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EpcotServo's April 22nd DAK Update: Safaribration 10!

Hey everyone! Yesterday was a fantastic day of celebrating 10 years of great details, strong messages, and no Air Conditioning! Took lots of pictures of all the big events (297 pictures to be exact.) 88 of those came out alright. These be they! First, the news and reviews and such.

Animal Kingdom

-First of all, props must be given to anyone (Both at Disney, and at WDW Celebrations.) who worked on this event. Everything went off like clockwork, and no big problems whatsoever. The Opening Ceromony was great, and the presentation by Joe Rhode was amazing. All the events were great fun. (Even being stuck on CTX for nearly a half hour.)

-The 10th merch was great too! Though some of it was a strech. Golf balls? Mini beer mugs? (For a very tiny drunk person who loves Animal Kingdom?)

-The new (ish) mist effect on the peak of Forbidden Mountain was on, and looked great! I took two (very hard to see) videos from my camera. Again, you can just barely see it, but here they are.

It really looks great, and it should look best on humid days when the wind is blowing at a good pace. Hopefully it will work for a long time, and not go the way of the Hollywood Tower Hotel sign's spark effect.

OK, that's about it for the boring part. Now on to the pictures that will convince you forever, that the future is truely, in the past.


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