Wednesday, April 16, 2008

EpcotServo's April 15th EPCOT/STUDIOS Update: Cold Pictures

Hey everybody. Yesterday was a fantastic day at the parks, thanks in part to the amazingly cold weather. So here's some news, Updates, and cold pictures!


-Spaceship Earth rundown! It was down all morning, but reopened later. The Yourfacemotron was not working. The printer in the big newspaper room DOES have a new face. The lighted wires are also now WHITE, not blue. They did tweak some of the narration too. At the post show, the random computer screens around the area are now working, they just have infromation on future-stuff and a way to send the Spaceship Earth homepage to your e-mail adress.

-It was crowded at both parks.

-No soundtrack found anywhere.

-I've found some of WDI's Kim Possible interactions back in action. Solid evidence of it returning bigger and better!


-They've built a stage for something infront of Coaster.

-Nothing new to see from our side of the Pixar Place fence.

OK, that's all. On to the pictures!


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