Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Epcotservo's Jan. 2nd EPCOT Update: Another year, another Update.

Helloooo and happy new year everyone! Heard it was going to be cold today, so I figured I'd do a quick run around EPCOT. Try out my fancy new WDI Submarine Voyage coat......

Little did I know that "cold" meant "coldest it's ever been in Florida!"

Well, still better than hot, I say. Anyways, on to the Update!


-First up, the Yourfacemotron was working today at Spaceship Earth, and I liked it! It worked well, and made the ending MUCH better for me.

-It was pretty crowded, everything having big waits.

-The Wand has been taken down!

From the Photo Spot picture.

Ok, that's it, not much going on.


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