Wednesday, December 26, 2007

EpcotServo's Dec. 23rd EPCOT/MGM Update: The Final 2007 Update

Hello there everybody, hope you had a great Christmas! Sorry I took the days off, but after a nice breather, here it is: The Final 2007 Update! But it's not all: On the 29th I'll be hosting the 2007 UPDATE Awards & Year-End-Recap! But more on that after my final jog through the parks of this great year of 2007! Let's begin the end, shall we?


-As told, Spaceship Earth was and is open, and the walls are down. The face effect at the end was not working however. Lines were big at around 20 minutes (posted once at 50!), and it closed at 5:45 with many signs saying so.

-The breezeway doors are now open, letting you go in Innoventions there!

-Crowds were crazy.


-The MGM signage on the arch and Earful tower are gone.

-Wait times crazy for everything.

-Full forced Crowd Control at Spectacle of Lights.

-Not much visable progress at Toy Story Mania.

Ok, that's about it.

Enjoy, and see you at The UPDATE awards & Year-End-Recap Show on the 29th!

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