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The 2007 UPDATE Awards & Year-End-Recap!

Hello, and welcome to the 1st annual UPDATE Awards & Year-End-Recap. I’m your host , EpcotServo. (That’s EpcotServo with one i!) Back around this time last year, we were coming off of 2006. Everest was a year old, Pirates 2 was a smash hit, the sounds of the British invasion in our ears, and we were filled with hope for the new year. Also, anger for the fact that they weren’t going to celebrate EPCOT’s 25th. Mostly the anger thing. And here we are, one year and lots of crazy later, bitter, tired, with less faith in humanity, and with a lot more knowledge and oscar noms than last year. So here we are again, filled with hope for 2008! But before that big ol’ ball (the one in New York that is.) drops, it’s only fitting we look back at this great year, and share a laugh or two at all the WDW craziness of 2007!
Ha ha.
So now, we can take a look at the best of the best and the best of the worst from my Updates from all of 2007! Join me, won’t you? Thank you.
Hahahahaaa….Oh, we did have fun. And now…..LIVE from the UPDATEDOME in beautiful Hollywood, California, Florida…..
Featuring performaces by….
The cast of Broadway’s “ TRON: The Musical”
And appearances by…
That guy!
A guy named john!
And now….your HOST….
Hello! Hello! Thank you! Thank you! Now that the strangeness of 2007 is still fresh in your heads, it’s time to give rightful respect to those people, places, and signs, that were so amazingly random, that I felt it fit they deserve a coveted, fictional, “Golden Geosphere” award!
(Image to scale with ACTUAL award.)
So let’s get started then, shall we?
First up, Verizon Wireless proudly presents, the BlockbusterPepsiChevyCheetosRedLobster Synergy Category!
Best worst use of Synergy by Disney
And the nominees are...
-Parking Lot Billboards, by Disney MGM Studios
-National Treasure advertising Adventures by Disney, Christmas Day Parade
-High School Musical infection virus carried by the air, Disney BioChem Viruseering
-Using a helpless dog to advertise a DVD on national “live” Television, Christmas Day Parade
And the Golden Geosphere goes to…National Treasure advertising Adventures by Disney on the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade airing on ABC! Yes, that’s TRIPLE in-your-face Synergy points.
Next up, just when you thought you were safe, these rides rise up from the graves.
Best return from the dead by an attraction
And the nominees are…
-Spaceship Earth reopening
-Wonders of life brief opening
-Submarine Voyage
-Haunted Mansion reopening
And the award goes to….
The Submarine Voyage! If you would’ve asked me a few years back what ride would never come back as a zombie…you would’ve been at the top of the list!
Tell me, did you see the signs?
Best worst signage of the year
And the nominees are…
-Laugh Floor banners
-cartoony innovations signs
-Rude Ticket Sales women, EPCOT bus stop
-Celebrate the joy of life sign remains in wonders
And the award goes to…..
THE RUDE TICKET SALES WOMEN! Unfortunately, she couldn’t be here because she’s too busy flipping off guests.
Also, she’s a sign.
That name sound wrong to you too?
Best worst name of 2007
And the nominees are….
-Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club
-Yak & Yeti
-The Seas with Nemo & Friends
And the winner is….
The YAK & YETI! Sorry, nothing personal but people can’t just stop laughing at it.
Where exactly are we again? I don’t know, and it’s because of this next category…
Best worst theming of 2007
And the nominees are…
-pirates cart at EPCOT
-Seabase, The Seas with Nemo and Friends
-Victorian Computers, VMK Central
And the award goes to…Seabase! Is it a base under the sea? If yes, then why are there pictures of Nemo on the walls, giant clams on the first floor, and just how can you see outside to dry land? And so it rightfully deserves a Golden Geosphere. However, it was painted blue and we lost it.
This next category is extra, winning an extra special award. It’s….The WAND award of Junkcellence
These nominees defy classification , and are all around just add that certain something to something….
-pirates cart at EPCOT
-Steel wall around EPCOT
-backside of Christmas lights on the castle
And the wand goes to…….
THE STEEL WALL! Yes, not since the WAND has something junked up EPCOT before. Keep on keeping us out of our park, wall!
And now we’re getting up the last three categories….winners as chosen by you, the voting public! So you know that mean’s that its th…

2007 saw an explosion in new attractions.
Ok, so a few new things opened. And these are just a few….
Best new Attraction
And the nominees are…..
-Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
-The Seas with Nemo & Friends
-High School Musical
-Spaceship Earth
-EPCOT Center gallery
-Yak & Yeti Restaurant
-Haunted Mansion
And the winner is…as voted by you….
Haunted Mansion! Yes, the refurb certainly makes our Haunted Mansion wayyyy more of an attraction now these days! Thanks WDI!
If you’re anything like me, then I know you certainly had a few good laughs on WDW Magic this year. And so, it’s only fitting we award the member that added that certain….well, something to this year. Don’t bother asking what.
Best Performance by a WDW Magic Forum Member
And the nominees are….
-Figment’s Friend, Celebration 25 idea
-Mousermerf, Spaceship Earth reopening
-Marni1971, SSE Original Descent
-EpcotServo, Castle Suite/TSM Double Feature
-JediMaster, Celebration 25 planner
-EPCOT.nut, SSE Reopening meet
-TheBeatles, 1982 EPCOT complaints
-WDW Magic, Everest Effects Watch
And the Golden Geosphere goes too….as voted by the public….
Mousermerf for the Spaceship Earth Reopening! After being disappointed by Spaceship Earth’s reopening, he had, to paraphrase “The Searchers” trailer, “That rare kind of crazy…the kind that keeps on, and on.” Yes, after such a delightfully drawn out anger for this one refurb, it deserves no less than a laugh, and a Golden Geosphere.
Now it’s time for the big one, the one everybody’s been waiting for!
Best “Moment” of 2007
And the nominees are….
-EPCOT’s 25th
-Toy Story Mania announced
-The Wand comes down
-DCA changes announced
-Haunted Mansion reopens
-John Lasseter takes over
-Disney-MGM name change announced
-Jim Macphee comes to EPCOT
-Laugh Floor growing pains
-Retro EPCOT merch
-Bob Iger
-Spaceship Earth Reopens
-The Year of a Million Dreams
-the Submarines return
And the best moment of 2007 is… voted on by you……..
THE WAND COMES DOWN!Yes, after a long-overdue-stay, that giant random Mickey hand FINALLY came down, thank goodness.
OK, that’s about it for 2007. It’s been a great year, and I’d like to not only thank you for watching the 2007 UPDATE Awards, but also thank you for joining me on one whole year of updating. I couldn’t have done it without your support, and I hope to see you for another year of fun at WDW! So as the new year comes, just remember that life is crazy, and the only way to beat it is by being crazier. And always remember…”Wherever you go, there you are.”
Happy New Year, Good night, and good luck!

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