Thursday, November 15, 2007

EpcotServo's Nov. 12th & 14th MGM/MK Update: Spectacles of Lights!

Hey everybody, time for another Update! (It's been awhile, has it not?) Spent two evenings checking out all the Holiday events, and have some nice pictures! Let's start with the news...


-The new Trams are in action at MGM. They have great crisp, clear, outboard speakers.

-Toy Story Mania is coming along fine, with some new brickwork and trees.

-The first night of the Spectacle of Lights was great, and everything worked fine!

Magic Kingdom

-Old news, but Art of Disney is coming to the Main Street Cinema.

-Crowds were great, got to walk right on Mansion, Big Thunder, and Pirates!

-The new laugh Floor signage and pre-show is very good.

-The Castle lights are great! They look amazing.

Ok, that's it for the headlines, now on to the pictures!

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