Sunday, October 14, 2007

Scared yet?

Post on WDW Magic-
"The fact is, Disney is hiring pedophiles. Period."

Yes. What is destroying Disney more than serial killer cast members BEHIND YOU!!! THIS is the Disney Threat Down!

5-Space Mountain!
Now we all agree that Space Mountain needs a rehab. We all know the trash thrown to the bottom of the ride has lost it's luster after all these years. But the problem is that the ride is too darn big. Note to past: If you keep building these huge attractions, how on earth can we fix them properly if you make them huge and much bigger than the budget for a meet and greet? I suggest this...we tear it down. So as not to upset the "Disney-philes" we'll keep the building, but just replace the roller coaster with a simulator. There's bound to be somewhere where we have six perfectly fine simulators sitting unused for no reason? I can't for the life of me think where though...

After so many problems with the SAME tiger I say we just let him bounce right back to the Hundred Acre wood. Kids won't know the diffrence between Tigger and Chicken Little!

3-Toontown Fair!
Hey, Toontown fair? Tomorrowland or Fantasyland? Pick a side, we're at war!

No matter how many rehabs we do, those "Inter-nazis" on the Disney websites will say "That's good and all, but since we're out to destroy the Disney Company, why don't you fix up this other ride too?" I know what we need to do. Stop doing upkeep. If everything thing is broken, soon nobody will be able to tell what's broken and what's fixed. See Magic Kingdom. It's working fine over there! Problem solved.

And the number one threat facing Disney...

Now I know that they have been the backbone of our theme parks for nearly 50 years, but just look closer. Where do all the problems come from...the adding, fixing, and updating of attractions. We can solve all those problems in ONE EASY STEP...remove them! If you notice our gift shops and meet and greets are doing fine. Just expand them into so called "Attractions" and soon our all our problems will be over.


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