Thursday, October 11, 2007

EpcotServo's October 10th Update: Around the World in 80 Updates

Hello everybody! Feeling a little bit put down that Al Lutz thinks we WDW people are SO stupid that we don't understand rides? Also did he call you a DOM? Did your mom say that you can't play with that Al Lutz kid because he's too mean? Well I'll try as best to cheer you (and me) up from them Miceage-folk by doing some Updating. It's been awhile since I've just covered a normal day at the parks has it not? Well then let's get started! First a quick note that I thought was pretty funny, and by happy accident. Yesterday I ended up riding ALL of the big rides outside of Magic Kingdom in ONE day! First I started by getting the nerve up to ride RNR for the first time. (The only ride at Disney I had never done.) Then I took my usual Tower ride, then I went over to DAK to ride Everest, and I ended up at EPCOT where I was able to do Mission: SPACE, Test Track and Soarin' without much wait. Just an interesting note on my day, and as the SEGA Dreamcast Podracing game would've said, "It's a new track record!" Anyhoo, on to the real news.


-They've added (mostly) ABC ads to the Parking lot, so if you ride the tram you'll see a classic MGM ride return with a new twist..."Get Happy with ABC: The Ride-Through edition"!

-Over at Muppets I noticed a weird thing in it's extended queue near the old theatre at the end of San Fransisco street. They took out the switchback that had the "Don't look through this hole" joke, and fenced it all off and added this huge blue tank. Anybody have any more information on this? (Picture in update)

-The Jedi training stage. Not new news.


-So I went to confirm the rumor of new mist, and it was right. However it ISN'T the misters that were placed there as part of the ride. They are brand new ones placed over the overhang between Track switch A and Broken Trestle. It rolls down the overhang, falls off, and hits the train as it's going up Broken Trestle. I didn't get much of it, but it DOES cool you down a bit. It looks great if you look at it by turning around at Broken Trestle.

-at Everest, both waterfalls were off, and the Yeti was in B show. Haven't seen that in awhile.-The Yak and Yeti is progressing nicely.

-They've added a new sign between the two outgoing routes of DAK. It tells people where to get their photos and such.


-The 25th signs from the toll area and the Spaceship Earth rehab wall are down now.

-They took out everything about Mission: SPACE race Online out of the advanced Training Lab at M:S.

-At Mexico, they have a great new mug with the Mexico map art from the end of the Gran Fiesta Tour on it. And on the handle it has a spinning Donald from the Small World part of the ride. Very neat!

-Finally got a chance to mess around with the Motion Capture thing at Soarin'. I have to say, I want my old Great Hall back.

Well, that's it for the words. Now on to the pictures! Enjoy!

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