Monday, September 24, 2007

EpcotServo's LIVE Updates!

Good news everyone! I'm launching a brand new feature for EpcotServo's UpdatePage! It's EpcotServo's LIVE Updates! Whilst I am collecting Fotos, for your viewing pleasure, I can now use my cell phone to give you LIVE photos of the parks! Using Insta-Update Technolgy devolped by Muppet Labs Update-Tech, I'll be sending live pictures directly from my Tricorder (AKA Cell Phone) back to the U.S.S Enterprise (AKA EpcotServo's UpdatePage.) for you to see what I'm up too. And to break in this bold new era of updating tech, I'll start by sending you LIVE (And I can't stress the LIVE part enough.) pictures of Disneyland to tide you over while I'm away. Plus, look for LiveUpdates on October 1st as well! To see a test of what these live updates will look like, take a look below this post to see a live look at what Magic Kingdom looked like today. (And for those of you who fear or hate new things, look for a normal Update tonight!)

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