Tuesday, September 25, 2007

EpcotServo's September 24th Update: Artsy Pictures! ("Il Artsy Del Updataa, TO GO.")

Hello there everybody! Yesterday I did a quick run around Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom (Wanted to take a few last WDW rides before headin' off to Disneyland.) and since there wasn't much going on', I choose to take a bunch of artsy shots today. So before the pictures, let's get to the newsstuffs...

Magic Kingdom

-Crowds weren't too bad. Medium at best.

-The grooms' heads still aren't dissapearing in mansion. Everything else still looks good.

-It looks like some restaraunts have new Halloween themed drink cups. Nice!

Animal Kingdom

-Looked like just about everything was working on Everest. Only thing I noted not working is Waterfall B and the yet-to-be-really-fixed lighting in the fortress.

-Some new T-Shirts in Serka Zong Bazzar. The best one, and the only one I bought, is a T-shirt with the Shadow of the Yeti scene on the front, and the Expedition Everest logo on the back. Others include...

"Take a Hike" with snowy boot prints on the front.

A picture of a mine cart that says Expedition Everest on it, that says "That's how I Roll" around it. Might have been good had the train been on it, and not some random mine cart.

A nice kid's design with the Yeti on it that says "A Yeti ate my Homework."

-The Yak and Yeti is coming along rather well, and will look great I'm sure.

Ok, that's about it. Enjoy!

Alright, there you go. This will be the last normal Update until the October 1st EPCOT Update. (Though you can hardly call that normal! )

Now tomorrow morning I'm off to the grand state of California to gather thousands of photographs for my MASSIVE four-part Disneyland Update. Since I can't stop updating, I'll be sending LIVE Disneyland pictures straight to http://www.epcotservoupdate.blogspot.com/ ! Kind of like you'll be with me the whole way! That about wraps everything up, thanks for tuning in!

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