Tuesday, September 4, 2007

EpcotServo's September 3rd EPCOT Update: No wand after Labor Day!

Hello again everybody, and welcome to a huge EPCOT Update, that I think you'll really like! So before we get to the loads of pictures, here's the Newsstuffs...

-They didn't open the parking lot until 8 for some reason. I don't remember that being the case.

-The Wand is how you say..."Outta' here". The wand's final words were "Tough crowd...Tough crowd."

-The Square plants on the ex-wand side are gone. replaced with palm trees.

-Labor Day crowds weren't bad. I walked on everything at diffrent times of the day.

-I was passing through Innoventions West, and I noticed that the Kidcot spot there was themed to Kim Possible. Then I saw the large portion of the building under rehab. Then the thought struck me. Won't the Kim Possible game's HQ and ending have a good place in innoventions? Makes sense to me...

-Saw the new O, Canada! I liked it. Very good and pretty funny. Liked pretty much everything Corey Burton said at the start of the film. Does anyone know if the good new score and new version of the song "Canada, you're a lifetime journey" will be released in the 08 Album? I'd like to have them.

-I found the new Disney Star Wars action figures at MouseGear.

-The yellow EPCOT Center shirt was sold out again.

-Also, there is now a Gran Fiesta Tour T-shirt. (Picture included.)

-They had to restage my group on Mission: Space. Very annoying now that they have only TWO bays doing the REAL ride.

-Test Track was stop-and-go when I rode it.

Ok, that's it. Enjoy the pictures!


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