Friday, September 14, 2007

EpcotServo's September 15th MK Update: Spirited Away

Hello happy haunts, and welcome to a mostly-mansion update from regions beyond...AKA: Magic Kingdom. Got lots of ghostly things to talk about, so please, step all the way in...There's no turning back now...

-First off, this morning was an Extra Morning Hour, and I want to thank all those nice people who got past the room key check by saying "They are going to Epcot" only to ride right around the loop and get back off at the TTC, to skip ahead of all the people waiting to get in. I'm not one to gripe about using loopholes to your advantage...but come on. That's just downright rude.

-Once the rope at Liberty Square dropped, the main crowd came face-to-face with another large crowd standing on the FantasyLand side. What followed could only be compared to that of the first wave of Xerses' troops smashing against the Spartans from "300". It came to a complete stop, than madness ensued. After much ado, I FINALLY was in line.

-Ok, let me be honest. The Haunted Mansion is now greater than all get out. Do not try to even attempt to be as amazing as it is right now, for you will mearly fail. The Mansion will scoff at your attempt to reach it's cool-ness factor. I was blown away by it, and still came out dazzled the fifth time around. Now photos, videos, and even words do not do it justice. It's more than "Oh look at that.". It's more like "Where's my old outdated and broken Haunted Mansion, and what have you done with it?". It gave me lots of goosebumps, and I heard more than a few giddy geek laughs of joy. (Myself included.) I'll give you run down, but first let me say that if you are going to be going on the Mansion again anytime soon, DO NOT READ THIS.




You're still with me aren't you eager beaver? Well, don't say I didn't warn you about spoilers.


The wooden walls look better, and as stated elsewhere, the changing portrait is now working as perfect as it should. Sound improved.

Strech Room

AMAZING. First favorite part, the sliding doors make a great closing sound and you can hear it lock in place. (Like a secret door should sound!) The Ghost Host's moving effect is great, and it really feels like he's in the room with you. (even behind you!) The whole room looks great with new paint and LED lighting, and it has new show timing and much, much, more that words cannot surmise.

Load area

They've changed the color of the wallpaper, moved some of the sinister 11 pictures here. They gave it a great cobwebbing too. It looks much better now! They also re-carpeted the area before the speedramp, added walls near the track, and console systems updated.

Changing Portait hall

Great! They even move the doombuggys so you can see them better. A little bit o' Disneyland in WDW!

Staircases to nowhere

I'm SO glad that we have a great WDW-only room! The ghost footprints are classic, and there's tons of detail.

The Watching Wallpaper

I think my favorite new addition. When I first saw some blinking eyes, I was like "Wha?". Then when I saw that this was a new, brillant, and creepy transtion to the classic hallway wallpaper, I laughed with joy! Great Imagineering can be sneaky sometimes!

Floating Leota

Looks great, but the best parts are that the projection dosen't look grainy (Digtal rocks!), the table no longer looks tacky, and the instruments finally look like they float again. (AND you can see them again!)


The lighting is VASTLY improved and you can see the deatil in the figures again.


Whilst the headless pictures weren't working (can't wait to see them work!), the bride is VERY cool, and is VERY creepy! The attic looks great now, as it is full of new props and cobwebs.

Hitchhiking Ghosts

They move again, and look see-through once more!

Little Leota

After years of a sad, grainy projection. The figure has been replaced, and has a great digtal projection.




Also-all audio has been re-mastered and sounds great, lots of new lighting, and you can feel hot and cold running chills once more! Five stars, and two thumbs WAY up for this refurb.

-Laugh Floor did one of my FAVORITE acts they used to do in the testing stage. more details in update. Buddy Boil also had a funny new act.

-Halloween decorations look great!

-They were doing Dining surveys on the way out of the park, in the package pick-up building.

Ok, that's it for the rundown! And now for the pictures! Enjoy and hurry back...

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