Monday, August 27, 2007

EpcotServo's August 27th Epcot Update: No, Canada!

Hello and welcome to another update! As the thread name suggests in a very vague way, there is no canada in this Update! Since it wasn't open, I will feature No, Canada! What I DO have is lots more Muppet Mobile Lab pictures. So enough small talk, here's the Newsstuffs!

-The Star stubble is still on Spaceship Earth.

-I was able to get the last yellow retro Spaceship Earth/Epcot Center tee in Mousegear! Yay!-Again, there was no canada.

-I caught the Muppet Mobile Lab again, and while it's still great, it got to it's destination, did some quick things, then turned around and headed back early. It seemed to be having problems with some of the EFX. (One time the Confetti wouldn't fire.) It did give a good show though, and if I hadn't known so much about it, I'd have thought everything went fine. Kudos to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker for being great at improv!

-There was a big Rehab wall in Innoventions West where the Disney internet thing was.

Ok, that's it. Oh, there is one more this update you will find what I think is the FUNNIEST picture ever to be in one of my updates.

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