Tuesday, August 21, 2007

EpcotServo's August 21st Update: TONS of Muppet Mobile Labs pictures, and no more stars!

Hello everybody and welcome to a really big show! I've got TONS of pictures to show you, so let's get started with some Newsstuffs!

-Got the great new Retro EPCOT Center hat. It was actully for sale at the hat cart outside the gates, and I love it! Retro stuff rocks.

-ALL the stars are gone, leaving only the pegs they were attached too left. Hopefully those will be gone too soon.

-Muppet Mobile Labs was out and performing near Mission: Space and Innoventions! We were REALLY lucky to happen upon it while walking to Test Track! What can I say, other than that I love it. It's great and I want it to stay forever! Read the Update for a good run down of what it did. (Don't worry, no exact spoilers persay.) I've got PLENTY of pictures that I think you'll really like!

-The new FASTPASS card stock was at Soarin' and Test Track. I assume the others are like that too.

-The only size in stock of the yellow Epcot Center shirt that I saw today was Med.

That's about it, enjoy the update!

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