Wednesday, August 15, 2007

EpcotServo's August 14th EPCOT MiniUpdate: Insert Wand pun here.

Helloooo folks! Took a quick trip to the EPCOT yesterday, and got a MiniUpdate for ya! Here's the Newsstuffs...

-Wand is about 2/3 down. Most parts are out on Wonder parking lot. Stars still up.

-I'm sure you've heard that there are two great new retro Epcot Center shirts at MouseGear. Bad news is that the yellow one is out of stock in size large. Meaning I have to wait for that one...

-They've replanted trees on the shores of France, near the food cart.

-Old news I know, but they've re-edited the ending film of American Adventure, and added a bunch of things.

-Not really a Disney update, but an alert for all Transformers/Disney fans. The Japan store was actully carring a good deal of hard-to-find Movie Deluxes. Including Acree, Payload, and Dreadwing. Only trouble is that they are priced $9 dollars over the regular price. (Regular price $10.00, Epcot price $19.00.) They also had Transformers plush and a few Cybertron figures.

Ok, that's it! Here's the pictures...Enjoy!

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