Monday, July 16, 2007

EpcotServo's July 13th MGM/Epcot Update: The Two Towers

It's here!

Hello again, and thanks for clicking in on another update. Got lotsa pictures from the 13th, including shots of Tower's 13th, and progress on the wand's sweet, sweet, demise. But before the Fotos, here's some Newsstuffs!


-The building on the corner of Streets of America has big new lettering on it saying "Public Library". Could this have something to do with the rumored pizza place that was supposed to be coming in nearby?

-At Tower they had Cast Members wearing plain clothes with PDAs at every load and unload station. I think they may have been gathering information for a new OHRC.

-One of the shaft's photo-op cameras had a diffrent angle.

-Remy's meet and greet is VERY popular.

-the AP Tower event went smooth, and wasn't very crowded.


-The Wand is on it's way to YesterCot. when I was there, all of the lettering on one side was gone, and on the other nothing but a big E.

-Inside Spaceship Earth, more cars and headrests are gone at unload.

-The Seagull's moths weren't working at Nemo.

Well, that's it...Enjoy the pictures!

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