Monday, July 9, 2007

EpcotServo's 2007 Movie Review!

Hello there, and welcome to my list of the BEST movies of 2007 so far. Join me, won't you? Thank you. 2007 has had some great movies, and here's the best so far. You may have not seen any of these when they came out, and if so, I want you to have the chance to redeem yourself by partaking in their DVD releases. So sit back, and enjoy my list of favorite movies so far, from last to first.

Honorable Mentions

Ocean's Thirteen
A good end to the series, and also much better than Ocean's 12.
And now, the top five!
5. 300
Don't let the fact that it's last on the list fool you, this is one of my favorite movies of all time. (There's just SO many great movies this year!) This one great movie, and a great retelling of an amazing true story. And trust me, you won't get tired of yelling "SPARTAAA!!!" Prepare for GLORY!!!
DVD time: July, 31st. Go buy it! You won't regret it!
4. Hot Fuzz
Without a doubt the best comedy/action film film of the year. Like Shaun of the Dead? Well then you'll love this one. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg made another great movie. Here comes the fuzz!
DVD time: Amazingly, July 31st. That's right, you don't have ANY exscuse for not buying this when you go to buy 300!
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Pirates. Nuff' Said. One of the best visual movies of the year. And Barbossa is in it!
DVD time: No date yet, but I say Christmas.
2. Ratatouille
Another great Pixar movie, and I'd say one of it's best. Brad Bird makes it even better too!
DVD time:No date yet, but it's still in theatres! Go see it!
1. Grindhouse
Without a doubt my favorite film of the year, Grindhouse was an amazing double feature right out of the Grindhouse theatres of the 70's. (Think MST3K-like movies, but much more entertaining!) Planet Terror was one of the best zombie movies I've ever seen, and Death Proof a great slasher/car chase movie. Put in fake trailers and assorted 70's theatre ads, and there's nothing that can beat this movie this year. The sad part is that it didn't do well in theatres, and Grindhouse was MADE for theatres. You missed out big if you didn't see it!
DVD time: Sadly, there's no news about an exact DVD copy of what played in theatres. All I know is that Death Proof is coming out solo on September 18th. No news on Planet Terror yet. Here's hoping that we get to see it as a double feature again!
Well, thanks for joining me, and I hope you enjoyed some of these great movies!

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