Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Servo Dispatches: Rogue Reveals

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It's 3AM. It's dark. And there's new Star Wars action figures to talk about. All sorts of awesome new stuff was revealed in their #GOROGUE branded event and excellent video. It'll all be discussed later, but here's the big reveals I'm really interested in...These are all from Stitch Kingdom, please go and check out their website because it's really quite good.

So here we see a few new reveals: 3.75 Baze, what is possibly the Disney Store AND Black Series K2 figures side by side, and a new 6" Chirrut we have never seen before.

Here's the Hasbro 3.75 scale Chirrut with K-2.
 These next three are from Entertainment Weekly:

Disney Store Elite Jyn, looking good. Her waist seems a bit bulky, but I love the way these figures look in the package. Also only one I've seen so far with baton! Phwhack.

These Disney Store figure sets have been fantastic, and this one is no exception! Watch for the paint applications on the eyes and you're all set. Get it? Set. Ha. Oh.


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