Tuesday, April 28, 2015

EpcotServo's Updates #3.6: Springtime Across Spacetime

Hello everybody~! Sorry for the long Updatelessness, I was sort of busy writing a book. Like, with words. Lots of them. And less pictures. But the pictures roll on, and without really knowing why, they always say, WE MUST UPDATE!


-I sort of forgot about taking pictures of Animal Kingdom in February. Yeeeaah. Sorry about that.

-I remember it being cold...And there were Animals.

-The new FOTLK theater is nice, show...enh. The same.


-Hat is down. Well, not in the pictures. But in general, yeah.

-Other stuff, which I totally remember.


-Weather mild and pleasant, to stinky hot and rainy. Pretty much Florida in spring. And summer.

-Crowds medium

-Universe of Energy is really in a sad state. All environmental effects are broken. Two of four show doors not working. Curtains still broke. Ellen and dinosaur, missing.  Essentially an entire scene, empty. This is not only bad show, but a new level of ineptitude in quality control. They're letting energy, rot-and for what reason I can only assume MUST be stupidity or some malice and forethought.

-Another weird thing, in Theater 2 they've replaced the center screen with a digital projector. People won't be inclined to notice, but if you're a weirdo like me you'll find seeing the same movie being displayed in Digital AND film at the same time is a weird experience, much like Philharmagic-unless they've changed that since opening.

-Innoventions walls everywhere. EVVEEERRRYWHHEERRREEEEE

-So why the heck is Living with the Land closing after seven again? There's literally hundreds of people waiting for fastpasses or reservations to come in, and lots of rider swaps going on. Not to mention closed seating areas, this kind of cheapness is crazy.

-The Tomorrowland Preview is amazing. I just wish the people who run Epcot would take a look at it, and I don't know, throw some money into the ring for making Epcot an optimistic experience again. Just sayin'.

-Frozen coke slushees at the Outpost are still magic. 


YES, that's all for the words. On to the pictures!



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