Monday, January 12, 2015

EpcotServo's DISNEYLAND Updates #3.3- The Road Goes Ever On

Hey everybody, it's Part 3 time! The part that comes before Part 4, and after Part 2! Let's go on!


-DCA is still one mighty fine park

-Walt's birthday at Disneyland!

-The Submarine Voyage is looking really good after the rehab.

-Same with Alice in Wonderland, really love the new projections and cleaned up sets.

-Winter World O' Color is not nearly as good as regular World of Color, and they cut out a lot since the first winter dreams. I feel like there's hardly any good grid action, it feels too much like just watching a projection in the middle field with some fountains on the side. It just doesn't have the abstraction-ism and creativity of the main show, and Olaf quickly makes the show feel tired. Having said that, the tech upgrades such as the fun wheel-star point chaser lights and the snoap shape blowers are amazing. I also want to see the Screamin' lights incorporated into the new show. 

-Screamin' is still one fantastic Coaster.

-The best Racers ride at night ever.

-Much fun. Much fun.

OK, that's about it for wordings- now on to the many pictures!


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