Wednesday, January 15, 2014

EpcotServo's Updates #2.90- Four For All

Hello everyone, and welcome to an extra-special-fairly-huge-FOUR park Update! Big Update, IT'S SHOWTIME!


-Crowds mild, weather nice.

-Midway Mania was down most of the day.

-Epic is still a great show

-All the effects working in Muppets

-Pretty Much Pretty (and Such)


-Crowds EMPTY and weather wonderful. SO GREAT.

-Test Track finally has the new vehicles for sale, albeit only 1/64th scale, no larger ones.

-Epcot is wonderfulness


-Kingdom crowded, weather mild.

-Pirates queue with Fastpass is annoying.

-Mine Train still in the process of being a thing.

-Kingdom is still waaaaaay too much work.


-Crowds near empty, Weather perfect.


-OK, so finally got to try the PaperlessNextgenFastpass Instrumentality Project as it will be implemented, coming in at like 4, going to a kiosk, and seeing what I could get. Got Countdown for 4:45 and Everest for like 6:45, and I have to say it worked great. It's pretty nice to just get your pick of what's left, but needless to say if Soarin' fastpasses sell out six months early than it'll be a major awfulness. For now though, I enjoyed my brief interaction with the Collective though I will never submit for upgrading to the Borg.

-You can see the Yeti at night because your eyes are adjusted, which was nice to see him again.

-If everyone's ok with still loving Haunted Mansion despite the ending being worse than it used to be, I'm still going to go ahead and love Everest for being awesome.

-The band playing at night in Harambe is amazing.

-Everything at Animal Kingdom at night is amazing.

-You're amazing.

-Cookies are amazing as well.

OK, That's about all that stuff. Now for the PhotoVisualStuffs!


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