Monday, September 23, 2013

EpcotServo's Update #2.84- The Epdays Are Just PACKED

Heya everyone and welcome to more Update! Please follow the words to the picturezone making room available to the internets visitors coming in behind you.


-Great weather and low crowds!

-First time using the turnstyle-free entry boopers. It's pretty nice, albeit very Doctor Who Cyber-Monster Creepy. It's fast and easy though.


-Test Track exterior loop has gotten some exterior signage along the exterior loop, including a nice Progress City tribute right after exiting into the outside.

-NewTrack is still great and all the effects were working.

-Illuminations does have a new alternating blink effect with all the countries popcorn lights.

-It's also still such a perfect show.

-Japan has some cheap Totoro fans perfect for the Ghibli fan on a hot day! Instabuy for lots including me.


OK that's about it, on to the Pictures!


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