Monday, March 25, 2013

EpcotServo's Updates #2.75- Kingdom Crawl

Hey everybody! It's once again that time for Update, so let's engage, warp factor: Kingdom!


-Crowds mild, Weather rainy forcing excess crowd out.

-They have a REALLY snazzy SOTMK leatherbound binder, if only it weren't $40 and the game and boosters built around an actual Deck/Booster/TCG rule base/economy. Seriously Disney, rework SOTMK from the household game up.

-The free cards are still a must though.

-Peoplemover Peoplemoving

-Work lights were on in the vignette before the shop windows, bad show.

-Playing LOUD Justin Bieber and Katy Perry in Tomorrowland is just...the...worst...

-Also, they are terrible people

-And they have weird faces

-The Snow White N' Roller Coaster is coming along

-As beautiful as New Fantasyland is, after only a few visits I find myself with no reason to go back there.

-TANGLED TOILETS! Look, I applaud the nice things, but this is almost overboard. And the tower totally messes up Mansion and Liberty Square.

-The newly spiffed up Bicycle ghosts in Mansion were not moving.

-The CGI ghosts have held up terribly. Projectors not aligned properly, image faded and pixels apparent. Plus the light shining in your face for (also not working) face capture dims your actual view of them. An absolutely horrendous bad show and needs to be 86'ed immediately.  BRING BACK THE REAL EFFECT.

-I've mentioned this before, but this version of Hall of Presidents may be the best yet, really good show.

-Tiki Birds & Jungle Cruise & Adventureland

-They've forever demolished our great start to our Pirates queue by knocking a hole out in the side, and making it switchbacks on one side, and a new Fastpass queue on the other. SIGH. NEXTGENNNNN

-Also one of the walls in Pirates' queue was horribly mangled with graffiti etchings. 

-The Mermaids are still cool, but can we PLEASE get Davy Jones back? Blackbeard is SO blurry and mumbly it just plain confuses everyone.

-The hat Pirate was completely stationary, and IMHO this should mean the attraction was down until fixed or removed. Bad show.

-So in things that surprise me, I actually enjoyed the interactive things added to Big Thunder's queue. Story contradictions and artificially extended waits due to Fastpass and Nextgen aside, they were pretty cool and not out of place or stupid like Haunted Mansion's.

-Monorail is good, but I have to say the Ferry experience seems more enjoyable nowadays.

OK, that's about it!

Except for the more part! ON TO the PICTURES!


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