Saturday, November 5, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.39- It's only a preview!

Hey there everybody! Got to preview this year's Spectacle of Lights, and here's some pictures! With lights! And words! Dare I say it, pictures! Venture onwards!


-There's a few new things at spectacle this year, as follows...

-The canopy is no longer just red lights, they all change color.

-They have a window with a screen that displays historical imagery of the show.

-Some of the windows have light screens that shows animated Xmas imagery, which is a nice new plus. Though they do have Prep & Landing synergy, which stinks. Literally nothing can be added with synergy. And not in an awesome full-blown way like Disneyland, just the WDW kind of shady small-scale useless synergy. Just kind of nergy.

-It's still a great display.

And that's about all, so advance to PictureStage!

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