Sunday, April 10, 2011

EpcotServo's Updates #2.28- This Islands Earth

 Hey everyone, want to spend an evening in a UNIVERSAL way? Well let's do that then...Because we already did.


-Crowds weren't that bad about two hours before closing. No crowd control at all in Potterland. No lines for the shops except for the wand show, and Forbidden Journey was 45 minutes standby and around 10 to 15 minutes Single Riders.

-Forbidden Journey is still amazing. Rode it twice. Don't know if it was unusual or not that this effect was working, but one of the first Dementors has these air blasters below it that blow cold air at your legs and give you the shivers. Very cool!

-Saw my first breakdown on FJ. Was maybe 10 or 15 people away from getting on in the Single Riders line, just in view of the Room of Requirement when it stopped suddenly and the worklights flashed on. 7-8 minutes later it was started moving again and all was well.

-Took advantage of the light crowds and saw the wand show. Very cool. Would like to see it more, but A: It's kind of just a shopping pre-show, and B: the wait is very long, even when it isn't.

-FROZEN Butterbeer is freakin' amazing. I found me my favorite PotterlandDrink I believe. It's like a slurpee meets milkshake meets rootbeer. Wonderful.

-Overheard exiting Forbidden Journey: "Well that was worth the wait...and the price of admission."

-IOA is very pretty at sunset.

-So there's that.


-Mardi Grass was very very busy.

-When in UNIVERSAL, visit the Monsters Cafe. It's amazing. Never eaten there, but it's full of MST3K stuff.

-Jimmy Neutron is ultra-closed.

-I really wish we had Hollywood's CityWalk.


OK, that's about it for the informative infojam. Now on to the plentiful pictures!

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