Sunday, October 24, 2010

EpcotServo's CALIFORNIA Updates- Part 6: Starway to Heaven

Join me in Part 6, as the CALIFORNIA Updates almost draw to a close! But before the Finale, explore with me for the first time,UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! The HOLLYWOOD version! Great little park, with an awesome attraction, the Studio Tour! Even with a tour guide so awesome he went through the Mummy tunnel and narrated it like it was Inception! Plus a great Mummy and Jurassic Park, and a my favorite downtown/shopping/entertainment theme park district I've ever visited: Universal Citywalk Hollywood! (2 would be Downtown Disney at Disneyland, 3 Downtown Disney WDW, and 4 Universal Citywalk Florida.) Why #1? Comic book shop and easy to get and great fast food! Plus there's even a GameStop and Hot Topic! That was playing Tegan & Sara! And back on the tour, an amazing King Kong with Peter Jackson and WETA! That and many more exclamations in Part 6!

All why I can't recommend Universal Studios Hollywood enough!

"See the Movies, Ride the Stars!"
-Edgar Wright


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