Monday, February 16, 2009

EpcotServo's Feb. 15th STUDIOS Update: Celebrate Already!

Hey there everybodys! Went to Studios, and amongst the fighting of the crowds I bring back reportages! Let's get right down to it.


-Crowds were Heavy to Extreme. Long Lines, Big Crowds, the works. Didn't even get near Sunset Blvd.

-Everything was working fine on Midway Mania, had a 150 Min. wait before noon.

-IDOL is on the maps.

-So last time I saw Idol was the first Finale Show with guests. This was the first time I saw one of the normal day shows, and now that I've seen them I can attest to liking the Finale show way better. Mostly because you don't have to endure the incredibly cheezy Sing Along feel good 80's style music montage towards the end of the show. Most people sang and danced along. Me?

You know that scene in Hot Fuzz when Angel and Danny watch the play?

-Another unapproved addition is a fake Entertainment Tonight-esque pre show called "American Idol Today". It's completely fake, and it completely takes away the fun of the Live Host's pre show warm up that I enjoyed. Show up late now, says I!

-As for the actual show, the Lighting and the Judges are still the most enjoyable part of the show for me. The singers ranged from "Eh" to "Not that Bad" mostly. Again, the lighting and the excitement of the Cast is the only thing that makes the show enjoyable for me. Generally the auedience overall reaction seems to range from "Had a good time" too "That was a little odd".

-They've added an "Amazing Photos" booth to the Idol store, hawking oppertunitines to photoshop yourself on stage. Hurmm.

-The arrows that stick out of Bean Bunny's box in the end of Muppets were actually working, they've been turned off for a few years! Thanks for Fixing!

OK, that seems to be all. On to the Photos!


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