Friday, January 9, 2009

EpcotServo's Jan. 8th STUDIOS Update: Idolocalypse Now

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first Update of the NEW YEAR! Seeing as how it's a brand new year, I figure this is worth a might bit of celebration, so I made a Video to get the ball rolling! Please do enjoy!

So yesterday was a quick morning jont to Studios, and here is the resulting Update!


- Despite rumblings of Idol Soft Openings, none was to be had. Though they were cycling the preshow throughout the day.

-Golden Age Souvenirs is now completely devoted to Idol, and is scary. As someone who was a miffed about the lack of Midway Mania merchandise, I actually became offended at the amount of Idol-branded Disney wares. Even more original items than Expedition Everest! Since the main argument of SGE is that it was created to sell Stitch merch, and they easily have FIVE TIMES more attraction-related items than SGE had, I can see it being used as a "This show was made to cash in" conspiracy for a long time to come. Again, I'm not the show's biggest detractor, but it's darn hard not to stand in the middle of all this stuff and not say that it was made to sell novelty stuff to the contestants of the day's shows.

-The Hat is being Painted/Refurb'ed.

-Backlot Tour is aclose-ed.

-Everything inside Midway Mania was working good and looked fine.

-YOMD banners outside (and some inside) were still up.

-Crowds were medium to light, not too bad.

OK, that's about it for that. On to the photo-tour!


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