Thursday, November 6, 2008

EpcotServo's NOV. 5th EPCOT Update: Night Updating

ey there everyone! Paid a quick late-night visit to EPCOT last night, and I bring back pictures and such!


-No new Decent news to report. Spaceship Earth was running great, everything looked just fine.

-There's some new 2009 EPCOT merchandise. Nothing retro, just Spaceship Earth with characters on rides, same old, same old.

-I noticed a "Kim Possible World Adventure" sign was added to the screens in Innoventions.

-Future World has a ton of new Recycling Bins shaped in the shape of a Coke Bottle. Yea.

-I found the two Kim Possible carts in World Showcase. One is between the UK and the International Gateway, and the other is between Italy and America. They just look like regular World Showcase carts and don't stand out at all. Can't wait!

OK, that's just about all for the news. Now on to the pictures!


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