Saturday, March 22, 2008

The internet is serious business

So what with Updates being here and there nowadays, I'd figure I'd vow to provide more observations, and therefore posts. You know, like one of the blogs where some guy from Beavertown, Wisconsin writes really bad poetry about a butterfly flying by a waterfall, and there's just one comment that says "GusZeebo2348 says: Deep man, deep."
I'm not so much into that, but It seems alot of people are in love with that (The sites I mean, not the poetry.), what with the Facetubes and the Myface pages. I guess they just think the internet is for "Networking" where as I see it more as something you talk at, not talk too. you know? It's like your in the middle of a crowded street shouting "I HAD A BAD DAY!". Sure, some people will want to know more, but most will just walk right past thinking "What was with that guy?"

Well whatever I'm doing, I get alot of comments about it. Now you may be wondering why all of them say "This comment has been deleted by a blog admin." (AKA me.) Well that may excite you, you know, thinking that somebody must've come by and posted something against my point of view. Which is funny, because what would it be? What? Like "I HATE FLOWERS AND GARDENS! YOU SUCK!"? Jeez, that guy is MAD about Flowers. A flower must've killed his parents or something...I don't know. Anyways, what those were...........was spam. I didn't even think you could get spam on a blog. I guess "Blogspam" just never entered my mind, but now I know. It's always like "Anole says: See HERE and HERE", and it's not fooling ANYBODY. I mean, you hover over the HERE part and see www.xzxzsd14freedrugs@weaselbone/upwithpeopledar.wacom ! And it's like....."I don't know if that's a comment about my post or not." But I assume the boards over at freedrugsweaselbone are not alive with discussion about my Block Party Bash update.
Speaking of strong reactions, My last update thread on my site of choice ( had a bit of trouble. Now I won't name names, but a certain infamous member of the forums there, let's call him........WouserMerf. Well awhile ago he posted a thread (as he is oft one to do) on how because Spaceship Earth had no line, it meant that the rehab had a negative impact on the ride's popularity, and that guests were "Voting with their feet." Now since this is crazy, because Spaceship Earth NEVER has long lines, I made a jab or two (As I am one oft to do.) at it in my last update. Well since I didn't ride Spaceship Earth on this trip (mainly because of the line thing) it meant that I was therefore voting against the new Spaceship Earth. Now since I had sat around a combined total of 19 hours waiting to ride Spaceship Earth after the reahab, I told him how crazy the comment was. Now after some nice posts by the sane members of the boards, he posted something along the lines of this.....
"Well at least I don't have F&G photos i post in a public gallery that i use to promote my website to get more hits and then come back to that thread to promote myself even more-I can't think of anybody who does that"
I think he's talking about me....Anyways, I kindly told him that my Updatepage has no hit counter. I still to this day have no idea how many people have visted this site. (Except you, because I'm talking to you right now, so that'!) Anyhoo, after the kind mods went through (Remember "Anole says: See Here and Here"? It's like that, but on a bigger scale.) and removed his jerkitude, the thread was back on topic.
But that left to me to wonder (wha-wha-wha-whaaa-wonder!), Do I self promote myself?
Do I really do all this just to watch that hit counter I don't have?
Do I just want attention?
What does Anole at 14freedrugs@weaselbone think?
The answers....
no, no, maybe, and "see here and here"

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