Sunday, March 9, 2008

EpcotServo's Mar. 9th STUDIOS Update: Block Party Bashing!

Namaste everybody! Went down to the Studios today to catch the first real performance of Block Party Bash. Gots lots of photos, so let's get right to it then!


-It was pretty cool today, but sunny which warmed things up if you weren't in the shade.

-Cheerleaders...Why did it have to be Cheerleaders? FOR YOUR INFROMATION: NO, your group of 12 year old Cheerleaders CAN NOT ride together once you reach the end of the SINGLE RIDERS LINE. Oy vey!

-It was pretty crowded, see above.

-Block Party Bash is GREAT! And that's from somebody who really doesn't care for parades at all. It's really more of a show than a parade, and the Block Party name pretty much sums it up. The first 11 minute show stop takes place from the end of Hollywood Blvd., to near the hat. It then turns and makes it's way towards Epic, and stops near there. (leaving the end of the parade near where the front stopped.) Then it goes through the Star Tours gate. (Didn't see how that went down.) It's really quite exciting,and it lacks the "Dream a dreamy dream wish magic that you remember to believe, come true" music that I'm not a HUGE fan of in Parades, instead featuring new versions of some great non-disney tunes. The floats are REALLY BIG and tower over the Studios' small walkways. They really look cool. The Cast really gives it their all, and I feel sorry for them already for having to do SUCH an intensve show in the middle of our hot Florida summers. They are real troopers, and their energy and hard work MAKES it great. There is NOOOO way they could ever do TWO shows in a day, I think. On a funny note, the blasters that shoot the little balls out nearest me shot most of them into the grassy area off Hollywood Blvd. They now have a Cast Member there to pick them up and throw them back into the crowd.

OK, on to the pictures!


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