Saturday, March 1, 2008

EpcotServo's Mar. 1st EPCOT Update: Crazed mob brakes rides!

Hey everybody, WDW Magic meet update!

-Firstoff on Spaceship Earth, in the dark curtain filled blackness of descent, before our videos, we got stuck for around 10 minutes or so! I'll let the others go into details, but Cast Members went up and down, and needless to say, it was interesting conversation whilst stuck with nothing to look at.

-As reported elsewhere, there is a cool new retro shirt, pictures included.

-Crowds were light to medium, lines not too bad.

-After a ride around Universe of Energy, at the final portion in Theatre 1, we noticed that something was up. The curtain for the smaller screen at the apex of theatre 1 was 1/4th up, and we didn't rotate before the show ended. We got a great view of Theatre 2, and we then got to be in a Universe of Energy "Evac". Looks like we WDW Magic people were broke two rides!

-The Goodyear blimp was everywhere!

-It was a great meet, and alot of fun!

OK, that's it...on to the pictures!


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