Saturday, February 23, 2008

EpcotServo's Feb. 23rd STUDIOS/EPCOT Update: Words & Pictures.

Hey everyone! Just got back from a day at the parks, and I bring you back a small Update. Not much going on today, other then RAIN....and CROWDS.


-Lots of tarps up everywhere.

-the Earful Tower has been re-painted with the new name. Nothing to write home about.

-They've added two large trees infront of Toy Story Mania, and they look great. Also, the Fireworks tower (the one with the Pirates ad)


-Everything was working pretty fine on Spaceship Earth. The triangles were still not working and one speaker on descent was going in and out.

-Pretty nice, as we were checking the Soarin' line for the last time around closing to see if it got any shorter, a nice Cast Member actully gave us Fastpasses some guests didn't use, for no reason! A big thank you to Nina at Soarin'!

OK, that's about it.


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