Saturday, January 26, 2008

EpcotServo's Jan.26th STUDIOS Update: Stu-Stu-Studios!

Hey there everybody, had a fun day at the parks today, and noticed two major things...


-as it has been reported, the Monsters Inc. meet and greet is moving. They are constructing (very openly might I add.) a new meet and greet where the old Goosebumps Horror Maze was. (Near the exit to the Backlot Tour) They have already stocked Monsters Inc. merch in the nearby store, so it should open soon.

-New Speaker towers have been added from Echo Lake (near ABC Theatre) all the way to Backlot Express restaraunt for Block Party Bash.

-Muppets really needs a rehab. Broken AAs, faded, burnt-out gobos, and a flickering projector. My favorite show needs a cleaning!

-RNR seemed to be backed up nearly all day...

-it was surprisingly crowded.

Ok, here's the Pictures! Enjoy!

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