Wednesday, January 30, 2008

EpcotServo's Jan. 29th USF/IOA Update: Updating Universal

Hey there everyone! As you may or may not know or care, it's been nearly a year since my Universal AP expired. But the other day I was very lucky, and got to spend the day at USF and IOA. So for the first time, let's get started on the first ever Universal Update!

Universal Studios Florida

-Thankfully, it wasn't a crowded day. We walked right into the loading area on EVERY ride we went on throughout the day.

-First up, after a few rides on ROTM, it was time to check out the Earthquake! refurb, now called "Disaster!". With not much news about it, and one very bad review from Mr.Miceage, everyone in my party had pretty low expectations. And what I can say without a doubt, is that he is crazy. Not only is there any reason to bash the refurb (I guess he must've never even BEEN on the old ride.) but the chages were all very, very good. The theme was great, and the new pre-show is really quite amazing to see. (and would've REALLY made the RNR Pre-Show even cooler if they had done it this way.)

Also, the hosts and hostess were all dead-on funny, and very excited and seemed to be enjoying having to actully act, instead of standing and talking about effects from a movie nobody remembers.

Bravo, Universal Creative! You really sursprised everyone in my party with this one!

-Also it should be noted that it was nice to see so many effects working on all of the rides!

-Jaws was under refurb.

-Simpsons still looked like Back to the Future, but blue.

-the Kwik-E-Mart was open. It's alot like the 7-11 overlay that we had awhile back when the movie came out.

Islands Of Adventure

-Not much in the way of progress for Harry Potter, still just a wall. Though they were hard at work.

OK, that's about it for news. Now for the Pictures.


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