Thursday, December 13, 2007

EpcotServo's Dec. 12th DAK Update: No Spaceship Earth review!

Hello everybody! Welcome to a LONG overdue Update! Miss em'? No? Not even a little? Ok, fair enough, let's get started in a bit of a new fashion, with a few random pictures from past visits this December, but I felt were really not update-worthy enough.

Spaceship Earth on Thursday.
A unique shot of Spaceship Earth, I really liked how this one came out.
One of my few good night shots, again from depressing Thursday.
On saturday, quite a few people were trying to get on a ride, which shall remain nameless.
finally got on that ride, and enjoyed it.
Over at the Laugh Floor, they added TVs to the Queue. They don't show anything, but look spiffy.

News from all over WDW!

-The Spectacle of Lights is still popular.

-Walls have gone up around the sides of the old Hunchback theatre.

-Got to play Power Cities at Project:Tommorow, alot of fun.

-At Everest, one waterfall was working, and Yeti was working.

OK, that's about it, on to the Animal Kingdom update!


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