Monday, December 24, 2007

The 1st Annual EPCOTSERVO Awards & Year-End-Recap voting!

Hello there, I am EpcotServo, and I'm pleased and excited, and some other emotions, to announce the 1st Annual EPCOTSERVO Awards & Year-End-Recap. Where I will go through this crazy year known as 2007, and give everything it's rightful well-for and good natured smack-down. Yes, all those fine moments, people, places, and signs that I felt were so spellbindingly random, that they deserve a caption and a coveted, fictional, "Golden Geosphere" award. And I need your help! (Yes, you! Sitting there in your chair and your shirt, bein' all lazy!) Just scroll down below, and you can vote to give your say in who gets the Golden Geosphere for the top three catagories

-Best performance by a WDW Magic Forum Member

-Best "Moment" of 2007

-Best Attraction of 2007

The awards will be posted here on the UpdatePage, and on WDW Magic Forums and Blog. And because that's not all, that's not all! You'll also take a stroll down memorey lane with me, in my first annual Recap Update!

It'll all be posted on the 29th!

Thanks for reading!

Get voting!

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