Saturday, November 24, 2007

Introducing EpcotServo's Cargo Bay!

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Just in time for the Christmas shopping season! Want to show your loved ones that you care, or that you are a little strange? Well I'm proud to announce that EpcotServo's UpdatePage now has MOYCHANDISE! EpcotServo's Updates: THE T-SHIRT, EpcotServo's Updates: THE 2008 CALENDAR, EpcotServo's Updates: THE COFFEE MUG, EpcotServo's Updates: THE ACTION FIGURES, EpcotServo's Updates: THE FLAMETHROWER!!! (Very popular with the kids.)

Yes, that's right: Moychandising! All these things and so much more! Look for T-Shirts and other silly things based off of my updates, including lots of stuff based on those random comments that either left you laughing or saying "Whhhaaaa???" and scratching your head! So without further stalling for time, I offically open up my Cargo Bay! Enjoy!

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