Tuesday, October 2, 2007

EpcotServo's October 1st Update: The 21st Century Begins Again

Hey everybody! Well, It's taken me ALL DAY to get all these pictures up, so pardon me if I skip the normal news of that day, since you know the big stuff anyways. Let me just say that I had a great day, and I feel EPCOT got a great celebration. It deserved more, but thanks to what Disney did, and the hard work of everyone involved with Celebration 25, EPCOT got the Birthday it needed. So big thanks to Jim Macphee, Adam, and all involved in Celebration 25! the group rides were great, the talk with Marty Sklar was amazing, I got all the stuff I needed, and had a great day at EPCOT. I think we proved that EPCOT really has just begun to dream! Ok, that's about it, Enjoy all the pictures!

Now tomorrow I've got a REALLY big show for everyone! After another long day of uploading, captioning, and riffing, I'll finally have this up...

----------------------PART 1-----------------------

Look for it tomorrow night, here on your local UpdatePage!

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