Tuesday, October 23, 2007

EpcotServo's October 20th and 22nd Update: MGM and more MGM.

Hey there! Got two days of MGM photos, so let's get right to the news!
(Note: This is a trip to Disney MGM Studios, not to be confused with Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney-Pixar Studios,Disney Studios,Walt Disney Studios, walt Disney Studios Paris, and Disney's California Adventure.........studios.)


-First up, Sid's shop sign is missing, It has in it's place a cardboard version of it.

-The Playhouse Disney concert-thing is going on.

-Saw that there is ALOT of construction going on in ABC Theatre...any new guesses on what show is going in there?

-Toy Story Mania is coming along well, and I noticed that there was alot of bricks getting ready to be placed somewhere...the building is looking pretty nice!

Well, that's it for the news. Enjoy the pictures!


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