Friday, October 19, 2007

EpcotServo's October 18th Update: Around EPCOT Center

Hello everyone! I was going to call this "EpcotServo's October 18th Update: Spaceship Earth will have Lasers coming out of it, and a giant fountain on the top!", but I thought that was a little too forward of me.

Ok, enough with the funny stuff, let me get to the news...

-The Land sign is missing! all that's there is the two stone shapes that were holding it.



-Over at The (Living) Seas with Nemo and Friends queue, they've added a digital projector that shows those silver fish from Finding Nemo doing impressions. My favorite: The Monorail! I didn't see the whole loop, but it looks pretty cool.

-Wonders of Life and Booze is pretty depressing.

-The EPCOT gallery is still great!

-Be warned: Not all the coke machines in Club Cool taste the same. I had a cup of Vegabeta at three of the machines and each one tasted diffrent. The first one was thick and foamy and went directly into the garbage, the second one was fizzly but warm, and finally the third one tasted right.

-Funny thing happened on the Friendship boat from Canada to Morocco. Someone asked if it was on a track, and as the captain explaned that it WAS on a track and how that was a good thing because he wasn't certified to drive a boat like this he spinned the boat around! He then said "uh-oh. We left the track!" Everyone laughed as he spun the boat back around and headed the right way. It was very funny! Good show.

Well that's about it, here's the pictures. Enjoy!

Due to space issues my October 1st Update won't be around for much longer! This weekend is the last time you'll be able to see it, so I'd see it one more time before it goes!

And if you haven't noticed Part 3 of my CALIFORNIA Update has been put up, and I think it's the best. It's also the largest Update I've ever done! Part 4, the final issue of the Disneyland Update, is coming soon, and I'll hope you join me for that!

Thanks for watching!

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