Saturday, June 2, 2007

Star Wars Weekends June 1st Update!

Here it is! Enjoy!

And here's some notes as posted by myself from WDW Magic...

"The Star Wars Weekends are back! Yesterday was pretty crowded, but overall things went well. The event went smoothly, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Here's the rundown...
-The only problem yesterday was at opening. For some reason, they had an Extra Magic Hour that morning, and it would've been alot less of a mess if they wouldn't have done EMH.

-They've brought the R2-D2 Mailbox here to MGM, and nearby you can buy the Star Wars stamps.

-The main merch spot is in the former Mickey meet and greet area. It had a pretty big line all day.

-The "Behind the Force" movie is pretty good.

-Autographs are by the Fastpass system like the last few years.

-This is a question I have. Has WDW changed their Fries? I ate at Rosie's on Sunset Blvd., and the fries were great. Almost as good as Disneyland's. Does anyone know of a change?"

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